Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Caption Contest # uhh # uhhhh......

Make your Best captions! and have fun with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winners will be announced..well I'm not sure..its going to be a busy week...so I'll try to announced Friday...

PS.have a great Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

"Two In One" Again???


Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time......there's no excuse..lol..

and what made me post were my friends..they have blogs too..like Classified-unknown.blogspot.com, saras-favorite-thing.blogspot.com, my-wonderful-mind-of-mine.blogspot.com,and last but not least,gabbyscrazyworld.blogspot.com....

some of my friends are not only in blog world..I've met and i see them every week..sometimes every two weeks, we do an activity for the Home-Schoolers at the park..we Play Football and Capture the flag...if you don't know how to..heres how.....

you have two flags, you have two teams...each team will place there flag..on the ground where they please..as long as its visible.

you need a rope cones or a string marking the middle of the "play place" each team has to stay at one side till you say the game has started,from then on,they can pass the middle,and on the other teams side,but wen they do so, any of the other team can tag you, and you have to go to jail(anywhere you say)they must sit there until another of there team comes and saves them.

the whole meaning of the game is to get the flag from the other side, this won't be easy,of course, the other team will be defending it,but,if they do get the flag and there still on your side and you tag them, the flag stay's where the person was tagged, this makes it easier for both teams if they get the flag near the middle, and the last thing is,if you tag the person you have to walk them back to the jail, and when someone comes and tag's you from the jail, you get a free walk back,however, you may not try to get the flag, and when some comes and they tag you, you and the person are the only ones to leave, you cant go and tag the other person.

This Really is the VERY LAST thing, when you get tagged, and your near your side, you may not pull away,to your side,if you do so, you will have to sit out till the next game. and thats It. The End!

I read all of the post i did..and my favorite one of all is..."Two In One"
Its a post about First and Sasha....two poems I'll try to remember the one..

When thoughts of you come to mind,

A tear would sometimes come to eye,

Slide down my cheek,

Then I would cry,

There's one thing i will say,

Only one not a ton,

I Love you,

For who you are and what you'll be

I Love you

okay .. and I cant quite remember the next one but I'll try

Sweet sweet Sasha,

I'll miss You,

where You've gone ,

I'll never know,

what its like,

until i go,

up in the heavens is where I'll find You,

when its time I will see You,

Great and sweet Sasha,

what a Joy You were.

OK ..... maybe i didn't remember either...i just read the "Two In One" post...Ha Ha

O well.. maybe I should be going