Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Caption Contest # uhh # uhhhh......

Make your Best captions! and have fun with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winners will be announced..well I'm not sure..its going to be a busy week...so I'll try to announced Friday...

PS.have a great Christmas!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

"Two In One" Again???


Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time......there's no excuse..lol..

and what made me post were my friends..they have blogs too..like Classified-unknown.blogspot.com, saras-favorite-thing.blogspot.com, my-wonderful-mind-of-mine.blogspot.com,and last but not least,gabbyscrazyworld.blogspot.com....

some of my friends are not only in blog world..I've met and i see them every week..sometimes every two weeks, we do an activity for the Home-Schoolers at the park..we Play Football and Capture the flag...if you don't know how to..heres how.....

you have two flags, you have two teams...each team will place there flag..on the ground where they please..as long as its visible.

you need a rope cones or a string marking the middle of the "play place" each team has to stay at one side till you say the game has started,from then on,they can pass the middle,and on the other teams side,but wen they do so, any of the other team can tag you, and you have to go to jail(anywhere you say)they must sit there until another of there team comes and saves them.

the whole meaning of the game is to get the flag from the other side, this won't be easy,of course, the other team will be defending it,but,if they do get the flag and there still on your side and you tag them, the flag stay's where the person was tagged, this makes it easier for both teams if they get the flag near the middle, and the last thing is,if you tag the person you have to walk them back to the jail, and when someone comes and tag's you from the jail, you get a free walk back,however, you may not try to get the flag, and when some comes and they tag you, you and the person are the only ones to leave, you cant go and tag the other person.

This Really is the VERY LAST thing, when you get tagged, and your near your side, you may not pull away,to your side,if you do so, you will have to sit out till the next game. and thats It. The End!

I read all of the post i did..and my favorite one of all is..."Two In One"
Its a post about First and Sasha....two poems I'll try to remember the one..

When thoughts of you come to mind,

A tear would sometimes come to eye,

Slide down my cheek,

Then I would cry,

There's one thing i will say,

Only one not a ton,

I Love you,

For who you are and what you'll be

I Love you

okay .. and I cant quite remember the next one but I'll try

Sweet sweet Sasha,

I'll miss You,

where You've gone ,

I'll never know,

what its like,

until i go,

up in the heavens is where I'll find You,

when its time I will see You,

Great and sweet Sasha,

what a Joy You were.

OK ..... maybe i didn't remember either...i just read the "Two In One" post...Ha Ha

O well.. maybe I should be going



Monday, November 5, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!!


I am FINALLY posting the winner's.....
I was going to make excuse that i was going to do it next Thursday,
but it is past the second Thursday...and a little before the 5th Thursday,

so today will do!

so here they are!!!!!!!!!

First Place... MightyMom said...

even road painters have moments of creativity......

we call it road art...

Second Place... Memories for a Lifetime said...

What branch???I didn't see a branch, did you?

Third Place... inspired said...

"Well i'm a painter not a tree surgeon."

Honerable Mention...CONNIE'S THOUGHTS FROM THE HEART said...

I think I just jigged when I should have jogged back there, Do you think anyone will notice? connie from Texas

Honerable Mention... Stephanie said...

No, REALLY, it was an ALLIGATOR!

well that's it!

I did it! I didn't think I could!!!!

PS. I will post the doggy slipper's soon but,and some of Pepsi and some of the prarie skirt's...so...have a great week! and a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caption Contest

Make your best captions! Winners will be announced on Thursday!

Have fun

ps soon more pictures the dog slippers(last post) out of stock:(

Monday, October 22, 2007

Really I Posted?


I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile...
I haven't been up to much...except I have been wondering what I should be for a costume party Its on Tuesday night.....I might be a person who works at the pound....
I am going to buy some slippers....they look like a dog is eating your foot,
i will post what they look like tonight so you can see,

I would like some help with finding out what I should be...something with the slipper's ...you will see what I've decided tomorrow...
I really would like to know your opinion,

and we have a new pet!!!!
It's a Spider...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will also post the picture tonight with the slippers,
we had Elephant(the spider..yes we have even named it(boys have named it)creepy isn't it?)In a jar..a small jar we used to feed Elephant flies..now we haven't got any..well we do but were not able to catch them,so we put a cockroach in with it..it was alive the W3HOLE time..that is..until we moved Elephant into an empty Ice Cream container...it now has two rocks and a few blades of grass and also a stick...

we think that Elephant is a wolf spider,It is the biggest wolf spider I've ever seen!

Its is a COLD day today...the last time I heard it was about 60 degree's Fahrenheit,

Pepsi is doing quite well..she slept on my bed last night...she snore REALLY loud!lol.
last night she must have been dreaming she was racing another dog..she was breathing hard and she was also trying to run(move her legs...she was sleeping on her legs so this trying to"run"made her Hips twitch and her Shoulders twitch!)

and tomorrow i will hold a Caption Contest!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

RUN! RUN! I'M IT!!!!!!


I was tagged by jenofpen(my mom),
so here goes!

two names you go by:Fourth and my real name

two thing you are wearing right now:a plainring that was gold but now is silver in the center and a ring on my left hand with three fake diamonds.

two things you would want (or have) in a relaitionship: Funny and Christ based.

Two thing you like to do:Go to the Roll'A'Rena (skating place) and read.

two things u want really badly: at this moment:I want to live in the Country! And have a BUNCH more animals.

two things you did last night:I went to a bible study and i played with friends.

two thing you ate today:Pasta! and Ramen noodles.

two people you talked to last:Bill(dad) and Jen(mom)

two thing you will do tomorrow:take a shower and read.

two longest car drives:Across the country to Florida and Going to California

two favorite Hlidays:Christmas and and Thanksgiving

two favorite beverages:Water and Dr.pepper.

two jobs you have had in your life:Daughter and Sister

two movie's I would watch over and over:Pirates Of The Carribean3 At worlds end and Raizing Arizona.

two places I have lived:Nevada and Utah

two of my favorite foods:Spagetti and Meat loaf

two places i would rather be right now:In the country and a place that has TWO guest bathrooms(I have brothers!)

two people i am tagging to do this meme:Jayde and Collin.

Well thats it!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9/11 A Little Story


The other day was September 11, I was Doing school and my mom said to write a story about 9/11,
so here's what I got...


Today is September 11,
6 years ago from today was 9-11,
when the twin towers were bombed,it was a scary and sad day for many Americans,

the planes crashed at 6:30 our time,it was 9:30 my Gramie Dee's time,she called my mom and said"Jenny, the twin towers are being hit by planes "my mom and dad got up instantly they turned on the TV they turned it on the news just in time to see the second tower get crashed into by another plane,

they got word that there were Three other planes were on there way to the White House, and the Pentagon.

one of the men on flight 92 called 911 and they said"Do Whatever you can!you have the right"he didn't hang up his phone(he had a wife pregnant)

the dispatcher heard the one man talking to a bunch of other men the next thing the dispatcher heard was "LETS ROLL"all the men on the plane charged!

then the dispatcher heard a bunch of grunting,snorting, and yelling,They were Fighting the terrorist!
the plane landed head first in a field,No Man,Woman, or child were left alive, Nearly 3000 people died!.

And that's all.

That's how much we Love this Country!!!!!

PS:Sorry I haven't posted in a while,
I guess it just slipped my mind!!!!!!

PS. Again,First is coming home again on Sunday!!!!
I CAN'T wait!......It's been two weeks since i've seen him!
It feels like its been an ETERNITY!!!!!!!!lol!

Well I Got To Go Now!!!


Monday, September 10, 2007

someting fun,something new,it must be cool


I thought of a new meme

You right a poem about the person you tag,
it doesn't need to be long it can be a one line to as many as you want,

here i go.....


Jen do you need a pen?
"No"it's alway's the same,
never yes,
never later,
always no,
one of these day's im gonna cry
because One of these day's im gonna buy a pie shaped like a pen
And i'll ask you if you would like a slice you're answer wouldn't change ,
it will still be a no,
just the same,
your name is jen and you'll never need a pen,

sincerly pen-filled-pockets


jackie, mackie sent me to send you a letter
here's the letter i hope ya like it,
don't tear the top or you might just get a paper cut

sincerly paper-cut-people


Texas is big,
not bigger then life,
not bigger then love,
but big enough to be it's own Country,(you know Texas was it's own Country once)

Sincerly Texas-itself


I love roses
I love Violets,
I love red SUSANas'
There just great and there just pretty,There just red and there just rosie
There just fun and there just friendly,
There just funny and there just sweet,
There just kind and there just loveable
There the Just Red SUSANas

Sincerly Fun Flower's

that's all I have for now.....


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Winner's Of The Caption's!!!

Sorry it took me so long to pick-and-post,

well here they are.................

first place:A Note From Theresa said...
Found the Remote!!

second place: gardenkeeper said...
I didn't do it, HONEST! The Dog did it!

third place: jennifer said...
the slew of cat burglaries have now been solved!

honorable mention:

Tom Blogical said...
"Hey, now I know how things look at Jennifer's height."

Oh, this is so soooft, I must have some.

A Note From Theresa said...

If only you knew what is under here.

This was a hard one!!!!!
I could hardly pick the winner from Theresa!!!

as you know we are on a trip!!!

and we have the dog......

and First is in the background and is friend is there too!
there not on the trip though!!!!
but don't you think the dog is just cute in this picture!!!
We are going to the pool for our shower's(us kids)
It's a nice pool!
but it only goes to five-feet deep

if only it went to six-feet deep or seven-feet,
we went to a pool that went nine-feet deep!!!

Well I have to go!!



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Caption Contest,#4


Today is the caption contest,
I can't wait to see what your caption is!!!

Winner's will be announced on Thursday or Friday,
we are going on a trip very early on Saturday morning!!!!were leaving at 6:00 to 6:30
I Can't Wait
I never can wait,neither can I get any sleep on the night before the trip!!!!lol
Anyway....I have to go


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Too Much To Read At A Time!


sorry I haven't posted in a while.....
It's just 've been busy since Wednesday!
I started a quilt yesterday!
It has 49 paches!!!
it's still going to be a small quilt,
but enough for me to use in the summer,
as you have heard in the previous post that First moved out,
well....he's coming back for the weekend!
on Saturday night or Sunday,
he's going back!
I'm going to try to finish the quilt before he gets here!
I might not be able too though,
I only have one night to finish it and some time tomorrow!
I am going to put the remains of the Raider's fabric left from First pillow on the back of my quilt!
I really am to excited!
just to think First is coming home really makes me excited!
and to top off that excitment I might just finish my quilt!!!!!!!
I have to wait at least a day!
I might not post till Sunday,
I might as well go,


Till Next Time,FoUrTh,

Ps.caption contest tomorrow!.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two In One.

Today I am going to tell you that...............First moved out!!!!!!
He moved out on Sunday,After the sermon,
I do miss him but its just an hour drive to get down there,
I wrote him letter on the computer,
and in the note there was a poem I wrote...............Hey That rhymed!!!!

When thought of you come to mind,
A tear will sometimes come to eye,
Slide down my cheek,
Then I would cry,
there's one thing I will say,
Only one not a ton,
I Love You,
for who you are and what you'll be,
I love You!

How do you like it???

Here's another one.........

Sweet sweet Sasha,
I miss you,
Where you've gone,
I'll never know,
what it's like until I go,
Up In the heavens is where I'll find you,
when its time,
I will see you,
Great and sweet Sasha,
What joy you were.

That was for my dog,
we put her down because she was really old,
She was a nice Loyal dog,:)
she was Thirteen years old!
my mom(penofjen)
looked online and she only found one American Eskimo that lived to be fifteen!!!
so she pretty lucky!!!

there's a song called"I miss you"Its a really good song!!!

I would write down the word's but i cant remember, I'll post it tonight,

Till Next Time,FoUrTh.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

WOW, i'm addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

64%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Dating Site

Sorry I haven't posted in a while so I thought I should post tonight at 9:32pm,
I think I'm a night blogger!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to go so bye for now.

Till Next Time,FoUrTh:)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I would Love to go to....

You Should Visit Argentina

Cowboys, European food, beaches, and skiing. This country is like no other!
Learn to tango, hike across Patagonia, eat at fine restaurants... you'll never be bored.


I guess Argentina sounds Pretty Fun!
The beaches and skiing,(even though I don't know how to ski it still sounds fun!)
But I would rather go to Hawaii It sounds really REALLY REALLY fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's all

Till Next Time,FoUrTh.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Caption contest Winner's!!!!

First place: Jungle Mom said...

But... I didn't mean to eat your shoe!!! It was just so tasty!
Second place:A Note From Theresa said...

"I'm telling you! It was Aliens, they caught me and scrambled my molecules and changed my spots!!"

Third Place:Penless Thoughts said...

I'm soooo sorry. I'll be good and not do it again.

Honorable mention:A Note From Theresa said...

"I Looovvveee Coffee!"

I really did mean to tell you the winner's on Tuesday but I forgot,
then on Wednesday our aunt and uncle came!!!
they're true fun!!!!:)
and they left on Friday morning,
and now it's Saturday,
well That's all,

Till Next Time,FoUrTh.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cute Caption And A Little Story

Now this is the cutest little dog I've seen,
Well this is a cute caption contest,
Instead of a critter's caption contest,
I will announce the winner's on Tuesday,

PS.sorry I haven't been posting lately put I got bad road rash on both my knee's
here's how it happened........my dad and second went to Walmart and to McDonald's to get dinner,So it was third my mom and me(first was at work)third gets a phone call from his friend and he goes outback to talk,

he hears voice's it sound's like it was in the alley we have behind our house so he doesn't bother to go look around the yard(we have two gates one's a side gate that one you can't see unless you are in the yard)my mom hears the gate open(we have a very squeaky gate)she goes out and the back gate was open and third was still there but Sandy is missing we go out front and there are some teen's sitting on thew side walk and they instantly ask "are you guy's missing a beagle?"

third has a flash light and I have the harness and leash I was running them to third and I fell my mom wasn't going to leave our Rocky yard but since I fell my mom went and stepped in the neighbor's yard it was now really a yard is what she said it was more like much and mud,anyway third found sandy and he was running her back when I get in side my knee's start to hurt so i tell my dad and he said that i have some bad rode rash, but that was Wednesday night and now it's Sunday morning,now I can walk with a limp.

That's all,

Till Next Time,FoUrTh

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

what I've been up to this past week.......


This is what I've been writing at eleven'O'Clock...............
(It's a song)

We write BFF (Best Friend's Forever)In all our note book's,
We dance In our pajama's singing if we were a movie,
We talk on the phone for an hour,
That's what you call a best friend,
On Christmas eve we have a sleep-over,
Some time's in the middle of the night I call you to see if you are still up,
That's what you call a best friend,
You never let me down,
You are alway's there for me,
We never go date-less on a Prom night,
I never lose a card that you send,
when you go on vacation I alway's am just sitting in my room,
Text messeging you when I can,

Ok that's all I have for now I hope you like it

Till Next Time,FoUrTh

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Caption Contest Winners

First Place:diana said...

"that's the last time i use bleach in the wash!"

Second Place: Glenn Bartley said...

Well - that's the last time I run through a car wash!

Third Place:Jackie said...

"This is the last time I'm dressing in the dark!"

Honorable Mention:

Sandy said...

Darn! I thought this was the perfect shade of haircolor for me!

inspired said...

My parents could make their mind up as to what they wanted..

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Today IsThe Caption Contest

I hope you like this and I hope that you have a GREAT time typing you're Caption!
I'll tell you what this is on Sunday,Have A GREAT day!!!!!

Till Next Time,FoUrTh

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July Fourth Parade Picture's

As you can tell this picture is me!

I went to the parade It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Please tell me how you like It!
Till Next Time,FoUrTh

Saturday, June 30, 2007

My new dog Sandy!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my dog Sandy, we got her from the pound, on Saturday, June 30th, 2007.

Her name might not stay Sandy, we are all kind of thinking 'Sage'. I am thinking Daisy Sage, but I am outnumbered by boys!!!!!! No new name yet! I wish I could choose it though!

She climbed up on the picnic table and then my Dad went over to her and she jumped up on him(his shirt) and she gave the shirt a new design, PAW PRINTS:)

I hope that she sleeps with me tonight!

Till Next Time

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It'S mY mOm'S bIrThDaY


Today Is my mom's(jennifer) Birthday!!!!!!
I will tell you five great thing about her!

#1.She Is the BEST cook ever!!!(Chicken, Cookie's, and Chicken Gumbo)

#2.She's Very Creative!!!!!

#3.She alway's makes us Laugh!

#4.She Love's Us Kid's(First,Second And Third,Not To mention me!)

#5.She Love's My Dad(quillofbill)

And most inportant is That she LOVE'S God!
And She's a Child Of God!
Here's a poem I wrote......

where are you?

In the kichen dear,is what she'd say

You'd say ,It's your Birthday,No work will be done by you today,

And she'd say,That may be, but who will work for me?

You'd say, Me,

She'd say,You?you're ony two,

You'd say, maybe next time

For now Happy Birthday Mother!

Till Next Time, FoUrTh

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is a Bible Quiz!Try It!It's Fun!!!!!!

You know the Bible 75%!

Wow! You are truly a student of the Bible! Some of the questions were difficult, but they didn't slow you down! You know the books, the characters, the events . . . Very impressive!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

Answers to the Questions


The True answer's are........

Portrait of Peter got 3/5 correct
Collin got 0/5 correct
Sorry Mom I don't make loans, I'll give my money if you need it:)... if it's something for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till Next Time,FoUrTh.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I've Been TAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been tagged by Collin, http://quarterbackcorner.blogspot.com/

So Five of these are true and five of these are lie's,

1.We have 2 dog's,

2.I like Strawberries,

3.I have a hamster,

4.I want to be a cop when I grow up,

5.I want to work at a petco or a pound when I grow up,

6.I am the only one out of the kids that doesn't have to get braces,

7.I have my own computer,

8.I had a fish named bubble's for a day,

9.I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!

1.I have 3.000 Dollar's In my account,

Can you guess which one's are right???I'll tell you on Wednesday,
Ps,Oh and mom (pen of jen) You know the answer to ALL of these so you or dad(quill of bill)Can't answer ANY of these Question's!

Till Next Time,FoUrTh

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What I've Been Up To

Ok here are a few poem's I've been writing the past few day's........

When you are here,
Are you ever gone?

Have you ever stopped,
But still are going?

When you are full,
Are you ever hungry?

When you are happy,
Are you ever scared?

I need help thinking of the ending on this one,
Here's another one,

When you cry,
We cry,

When you scream,
We scream,

But if you fall,
God will catch you,
Not us,

You're in our prayer's,
now and forever,

Ok, how did you like it??

Anyway I haven't been posting as much,
This is why,
I went to the library on Monday (I got FIVE books,ALL due on july second)And on Monday night we had a family over for dinner and Tuesday I went to my friend's house and the dog pound, and Saturday we worked on the backyard, On Sunday we can't get on the conputer's or game system's,On Friday we had a Hawaiian party and the contender's group( A ChristianGroup for young men eight and up) went on a camping trip,
And Peter I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong, I spelled It like,Patriotofpeter It's ,portraitofpeter,
Forgive me,

Till Next Time,

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Winner's of the critter's,

Today is the anouncement of the caption contest,

First place, sandy, Hurry,Play dead,Maybe the dog won't see us!

Second place,patriotofpeter, "Human's just don't know how to cope with stress".

Third Place, daughter of the king,*I'm so full, how much did that Mouse Weigh*

Honorable mention,patriotofpeter,"Had a bad day?-What better than to crash out with your dreams"

Till next time,FoUrTh,

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Critter Caption Contest

Today is the caption contest!(my very first!)
(I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!)
Here Is the picture

The winner's will be anounced Thursday

I promised myself I wouldn't cry,


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tongue Tied Facts


I'm fourth, pen of jens daughter, for those of you who don't know me,
I'm a post typing,Poem writing,Bible reading,Pet loving,ball of fun!
(Now there's a mouth full)
Just give me a moment, I forgot how to breath after saying that............5 mintes later.......
Ok, I'm better now, don't say I'm a post typing,Poem writing,Bible reading Pet loving,Ball of fun, Out loud,
I've only done five post including this one,
I may not be as skilled as a normal blogger but I just started on Monday 5/28/07 and my mom jen say's I'm doing great on my post. And I believe her,
She's a Post typing,Bible reading,fun filled, mother of four, 3 boys 1 girl, Average,everyday,Mom
Man I got to stop that!
Ok moving on,
I like to write poem's,
I love the way the words glide onto the paper,
I love hearing poem's,

I read the bible too, my favorite books are,Ruth,Esther,Psalms and Proverbs,

I love pet's, all animal's, there just fun filled, and lovable,
I want a puppy but that's out of the question in my house,
And that's all I have for tonight,

Till next time,

Poems and Pet Question's

I did a new poem!
It's not as good as Summer,
But it stlll is pretty good,


Sunday is good,
Sunday is great,
You hear a sermon,
You say a prayer,
You praise God more then you do on any other days,
That doesn't mean you don't praise Him on other days,
You're a good man in Christ,
And you will be forever,
You'll never let Him down,
For He is your Creator,
And you won't forget to praise Him,
Even if you get shot,
You'll always go to Him when things go wrong,
And He'll make it right

How did you like it?
Peter I can't wait to hear your comment!

This is supposed to be a pet blog so what is your favorite kind of animal/pet? Which one would you pick...cat, dog, hampster, horse. or a bunny?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Me and My Poem

I'm Fourth (no thats not my real name) Jens daughter! I have entered the world of blogging portraitofpeter and Jen (my mom) have already gave me a warm welcome! I couldn't wait to write a post, so I'm writing one at 10:00pm!

I wrote a poem, it's called Summer

this is a poem about Summer,
Summer is good ,
Summer is great,
The reason I love Summer is...
The roses grow wild,
The lillies do too,
The grass will grow if you water it right,

(I know what you're thinking there's more to Summer than "grass, roses, and lillies".(Don't worry here comes the fun stuff)

Summer is when you can go have water fight's and not have mom have you write a five hundred word essay on why not have water fight's( in the cold),
Summer is fun because there is no school,
There is more than plenty of time to read the Bible and still have plenty if time to read freely,
That is all I have,
it may still sound like a poem thats because it is still a poem,
I hope you like it,
I'll keep writing, if you keep reading,
Tell me if you like this.

You like Dalmations, Right?

You Are a Dalmation Puppy

Kind, bright, and very energetic.
Firemen love to pat your little head.