Saturday, July 28, 2007

Caption contest Winner's!!!!

First place: Jungle Mom said...

But... I didn't mean to eat your shoe!!! It was just so tasty!
Second place:A Note From Theresa said...

"I'm telling you! It was Aliens, they caught me and scrambled my molecules and changed my spots!!"

Third Place:Penless Thoughts said...

I'm soooo sorry. I'll be good and not do it again.

Honorable mention:A Note From Theresa said...

"I Looovvveee Coffee!"

I really did mean to tell you the winner's on Tuesday but I forgot,
then on Wednesday our aunt and uncle came!!!
they're true fun!!!!:)
and they left on Friday morning,
and now it's Saturday,
well That's all,

Till Next Time,FoUrTh.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cute Caption And A Little Story

Now this is the cutest little dog I've seen,
Well this is a cute caption contest,
Instead of a critter's caption contest,
I will announce the winner's on Tuesday,

PS.sorry I haven't been posting lately put I got bad road rash on both my knee's
here's how it dad and second went to Walmart and to McDonald's to get dinner,So it was third my mom and me(first was at work)third gets a phone call from his friend and he goes outback to talk,

he hears voice's it sound's like it was in the alley we have behind our house so he doesn't bother to go look around the yard(we have two gates one's a side gate that one you can't see unless you are in the yard)my mom hears the gate open(we have a very squeaky gate)she goes out and the back gate was open and third was still there but Sandy is missing we go out front and there are some teen's sitting on thew side walk and they instantly ask "are you guy's missing a beagle?"

third has a flash light and I have the harness and leash I was running them to third and I fell my mom wasn't going to leave our Rocky yard but since I fell my mom went and stepped in the neighbor's yard it was now really a yard is what she said it was more like much and mud,anyway third found sandy and he was running her back when I get in side my knee's start to hurt so i tell my dad and he said that i have some bad rode rash, but that was Wednesday night and now it's Sunday morning,now I can walk with a limp.

That's all,

Till Next Time,FoUrTh

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

what I've been up to this past week.......


This is what I've been writing at eleven'O'Clock...............
(It's a song)

We write BFF (Best Friend's Forever)In all our note book's,
We dance In our pajama's singing if we were a movie,
We talk on the phone for an hour,
That's what you call a best friend,
On Christmas eve we have a sleep-over,
Some time's in the middle of the night I call you to see if you are still up,
That's what you call a best friend,
You never let me down,
You are alway's there for me,
We never go date-less on a Prom night,
I never lose a card that you send,
when you go on vacation I alway's am just sitting in my room,
Text messeging you when I can,

Ok that's all I have for now I hope you like it

Till Next Time,FoUrTh

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Caption Contest Winners

First Place:diana said...

"that's the last time i use bleach in the wash!"

Second Place: Glenn Bartley said...

Well - that's the last time I run through a car wash!

Third Place:Jackie said...

"This is the last time I'm dressing in the dark!"

Honorable Mention:

Sandy said...

Darn! I thought this was the perfect shade of haircolor for me!

inspired said...

My parents could make their mind up as to what they wanted..

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Today IsThe Caption Contest

I hope you like this and I hope that you have a GREAT time typing you're Caption!
I'll tell you what this is on Sunday,Have A GREAT day!!!!!

Till Next Time,FoUrTh

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July Fourth Parade Picture's

As you can tell this picture is me!

I went to the parade It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Please tell me how you like It!
Till Next Time,FoUrTh