Thursday, November 13, 2008

"officer what happened!?" asked Austin, The Home Owner, "Your Home was robbed then set fire to, luckily Your neighbor saw the flames and called it in, just in time, too,the fire only burned your back porch and some of your roof, it is't too serious."Officer Harold Lee said, " What??" Austin said..Still in a daze." are you the owner of this home?" Another officer asked."Yes.." Austin said " well then Sir we need you to tell us what you're Missing, Please" the officer said, Officer Crenshaw" Ok... Are you sure its safe to go inside?" Austin asked "Positive" Officer Crenshaw said " Ok the the living room looks the same..a little messy though... the Kids rooms are same as they were, nothing missing from my room.....Lets see about the kitchen... why is the fridge open? WOW all My meat is gone, cheese, tortillas, and lettuce! all gone!..whats going on??!" Austin said " Just as I feared..." Officer Lee said" What?" Austin said " I know...He's back" Officer Crenshaw said " Who is???!?" Austin asked

" Quiero.... " Officer Lee said " Quiero Taco Bell " Officer Lee finished.

To Be Continued......

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