Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9/11 A Little Story


The other day was September 11, I was Doing school and my mom said to write a story about 9/11,
so here's what I got...


Today is September 11,
6 years ago from today was 9-11,
when the twin towers were bombed,it was a scary and sad day for many Americans,

the planes crashed at 6:30 our time,it was 9:30 my Gramie Dee's time,she called my mom and said"Jenny, the twin towers are being hit by planes "my mom and dad got up instantly they turned on the TV they turned it on the news just in time to see the second tower get crashed into by another plane,

they got word that there were Three other planes were on there way to the White House, and the Pentagon.

one of the men on flight 92 called 911 and they said"Do Whatever you can!you have the right"he didn't hang up his phone(he had a wife pregnant)

the dispatcher heard the one man talking to a bunch of other men the next thing the dispatcher heard was "LETS ROLL"all the men on the plane charged!

then the dispatcher heard a bunch of grunting,snorting, and yelling,They were Fighting the terrorist!
the plane landed head first in a field,No Man,Woman, or child were left alive, Nearly 3000 people died!.

And that's all.

That's how much we Love this Country!!!!!

PS:Sorry I haven't posted in a while,
I guess it just slipped my mind!!!!!!

PS. Again,First is coming home again on Sunday!!!!
I CAN'T wait!......It's been two weeks since i've seen him!
It feels like its been an ETERNITY!!!!!!!!lol!

Well I Got To Go Now!!!


Monday, September 10, 2007

someting fun,something new,it must be cool


I thought of a new meme

You right a poem about the person you tag,
it doesn't need to be long it can be a one line to as many as you want,

here i go.....


Jen do you need a pen?
"No"it's alway's the same,
never yes,
never later,
always no,
one of these day's im gonna cry
because One of these day's im gonna buy a pie shaped like a pen
And i'll ask you if you would like a slice you're answer wouldn't change ,
it will still be a no,
just the same,
your name is jen and you'll never need a pen,

sincerly pen-filled-pockets


jackie, mackie sent me to send you a letter
here's the letter i hope ya like it,
don't tear the top or you might just get a paper cut

sincerly paper-cut-people


Texas is big,
not bigger then life,
not bigger then love,
but big enough to be it's own Country,(you know Texas was it's own Country once)

Sincerly Texas-itself


I love roses
I love Violets,
I love red SUSANas'
There just great and there just pretty,There just red and there just rosie
There just fun and there just friendly,
There just funny and there just sweet,
There just kind and there just loveable
There the Just Red SUSANas

Sincerly Fun Flower's

that's all I have for now.....


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Winner's Of The Caption's!!!

Sorry it took me so long to pick-and-post,

well here they are.................

first place:A Note From Theresa said...
Found the Remote!!

second place: gardenkeeper said...
I didn't do it, HONEST! The Dog did it!

third place: jennifer said...
the slew of cat burglaries have now been solved!

honorable mention:

Tom Blogical said...
"Hey, now I know how things look at Jennifer's height."

Oh, this is so soooft, I must have some.

A Note From Theresa said...

If only you knew what is under here.

This was a hard one!!!!!
I could hardly pick the winner from Theresa!!!

as you know we are on a trip!!!

and we have the dog......

and First is in the background and is friend is there too!
there not on the trip though!!!!
but don't you think the dog is just cute in this picture!!!
We are going to the pool for our shower's(us kids)
It's a nice pool!
but it only goes to five-feet deep

if only it went to six-feet deep or seven-feet,
we went to a pool that went nine-feet deep!!!

Well I have to go!!