Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tongue Tied Facts


I'm fourth, pen of jens daughter, for those of you who don't know me,
I'm a post typing,Poem writing,Bible reading,Pet loving,ball of fun!
(Now there's a mouth full)
Just give me a moment, I forgot how to breath after saying that............5 mintes later.......
Ok, I'm better now, don't say I'm a post typing,Poem writing,Bible reading Pet loving,Ball of fun, Out loud,
I've only done five post including this one,
I may not be as skilled as a normal blogger but I just started on Monday 5/28/07 and my mom jen say's I'm doing great on my post. And I believe her,
She's a Post typing,Bible reading,fun filled, mother of four, 3 boys 1 girl, Average,everyday,Mom
Man I got to stop that!
Ok moving on,
I like to write poem's,
I love the way the words glide onto the paper,
I love hearing poem's,

I read the bible too, my favorite books are,Ruth,Esther,Psalms and Proverbs,

I love pet's, all animal's, there just fun filled, and lovable,
I want a puppy but that's out of the question in my house,
And that's all I have for tonight,

Till next time,

Poems and Pet Question's

I did a new poem!
It's not as good as Summer,
But it stlll is pretty good,


Sunday is good,
Sunday is great,
You hear a sermon,
You say a prayer,
You praise God more then you do on any other days,
That doesn't mean you don't praise Him on other days,
You're a good man in Christ,
And you will be forever,
You'll never let Him down,
For He is your Creator,
And you won't forget to praise Him,
Even if you get shot,
You'll always go to Him when things go wrong,
And He'll make it right

How did you like it?
Peter I can't wait to hear your comment!

This is supposed to be a pet blog so what is your favorite kind of animal/pet? Which one would you, dog, hampster, horse. or a bunny?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Me and My Poem

I'm Fourth (no thats not my real name) Jens daughter! I have entered the world of blogging portraitofpeter and Jen (my mom) have already gave me a warm welcome! I couldn't wait to write a post, so I'm writing one at 10:00pm!

I wrote a poem, it's called Summer

this is a poem about Summer,
Summer is good ,
Summer is great,
The reason I love Summer is...
The roses grow wild,
The lillies do too,
The grass will grow if you water it right,

(I know what you're thinking there's more to Summer than "grass, roses, and lillies".(Don't worry here comes the fun stuff)

Summer is when you can go have water fight's and not have mom have you write a five hundred word essay on why not have water fight's( in the cold),
Summer is fun because there is no school,
There is more than plenty of time to read the Bible and still have plenty if time to read freely,
That is all I have,
it may still sound like a poem thats because it is still a poem,
I hope you like it,
I'll keep writing, if you keep reading,
Tell me if you like this.

You like Dalmations, Right?

You Are a Dalmation Puppy

Kind, bright, and very energetic.
Firemen love to pat your little head.