Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caption Contest

Make your best captions! Winners will be announced on Thursday!

Have fun

ps soon more pictures the dog slippers(last post) out of stock:(

Monday, October 22, 2007

Really I Posted?


I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile...
I haven't been up to much...except I have been wondering what I should be for a costume party Its on Tuesday night.....I might be a person who works at the pound....
I am going to buy some slippers....they look like a dog is eating your foot,
i will post what they look like tonight so you can see,

I would like some help with finding out what I should be...something with the slipper's ...you will see what I've decided tomorrow...
I really would like to know your opinion,

and we have a new pet!!!!
It's a Spider...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will also post the picture tonight with the slippers,
we had Elephant(the spider..yes we have even named it(boys have named it)creepy isn't it?)In a jar..a small jar we used to feed Elephant flies..now we haven't got any..well we do but were not able to catch them,so we put a cockroach in with it..it was alive the W3HOLE time..that is..until we moved Elephant into an empty Ice Cream container...it now has two rocks and a few blades of grass and also a stick...

we think that Elephant is a wolf spider,It is the biggest wolf spider I've ever seen!

Its is a COLD day today...the last time I heard it was about 60 degree's Fahrenheit,

Pepsi is doing quite well..she slept on my bed last night...she snore REALLY loud!lol.
last night she must have been dreaming she was racing another dog..she was breathing hard and she was also trying to run(move her legs...she was sleeping on her legs so this trying to"run"made her Hips twitch and her Shoulders twitch!)

and tomorrow i will hold a Caption Contest!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

RUN! RUN! I'M IT!!!!!!


I was tagged by jenofpen(my mom),
so here goes!

two names you go by:Fourth and my real name

two thing you are wearing right now:a plainring that was gold but now is silver in the center and a ring on my left hand with three fake diamonds.

two things you would want (or have) in a relaitionship: Funny and Christ based.

Two thing you like to do:Go to the Roll'A'Rena (skating place) and read.

two things u want really badly: at this moment:I want to live in the Country! And have a BUNCH more animals.

two things you did last night:I went to a bible study and i played with friends.

two thing you ate today:Pasta! and Ramen noodles.

two people you talked to last:Bill(dad) and Jen(mom)

two thing you will do tomorrow:take a shower and read.

two longest car drives:Across the country to Florida and Going to California

two favorite Hlidays:Christmas and and Thanksgiving

two favorite beverages:Water and Dr.pepper.

two jobs you have had in your life:Daughter and Sister

two movie's I would watch over and over:Pirates Of The Carribean3 At worlds end and Raizing Arizona.

two places I have lived:Nevada and Utah

two of my favorite foods:Spagetti and Meat loaf

two places i would rather be right now:In the country and a place that has TWO guest bathrooms(I have brothers!)

two people i am tagging to do this meme:Jayde and Collin.

Well thats it!